Monday, August 1, 2011

Hit the Ground Running

The group for the 2011 Journey to Kenya and Tanzania arrived to cool and overcast weather in Nairobi, an amazing change for the travelers from Texas and Oklahoma who have had many, many days of 100-degree summer heat.

This is a special trip to East Africa for us all. Mark Estes and his mother, Jennifer Estes of Wichita Falls, Texas, have made the trip, following the footsteps of Mark's grandfather, Pete Estes. Pete is a lifetime supporter of World Neighbors, has traveled to many countries with World Neighbors, and is a personal friend of our founder, John L. Peters. To think that three generations have now come to understand the impact of this life-changing work is very gratifying.

Beverly Thompson of Washington, DC is making her first Journey and brings a great deal of experience in international development on the trip.

Everyone arrived safely and timely, if a bit tired from the days of travel. We have spent the first morning meeting the East Africa field staff, led by Dr. Chris Macoloo and have been warmly welcomed and prepared for our trip.

We are departing to visit our first program village in Voi, seeing a well established program village, functioning beyond expectation several years after World Neighbors has moved on to work with new program areas.

We will make every effort to share our rich and exciting travels through East Africa. Kwa heri! (Good-bye!)

- Jan Taylor

Oklahoma City, OK

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  1. Glad you all arrived safely, and it's great to hear all the stories about your Journey!